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We All Do Them: 10 Things People Only Pretend They Aren’t Doing 

Are you tired of pretending like you’re always keeping it together? During an online discussion, people talked about the many common behaviors that people engage in that we have all decided to act like nobody does, and it’s time that stopped. Let’s all accept that we’re a little gross or messy at times and stop holding ourselves and others to such an unrealistic standard.

1. Panic Cleaning Before People Come Over

Woman vacuuming
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Many people feel inclined to apologize about the state of their home, even when people pop by unannounced. Some will even rush to clean before their friends come over and still apologize.

Even if we’re all pretending that we don’t do this, sometimes having an incentive to clean can be helpful.

2. Picking Your Nose

Picking Your Nose
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According to their dad, one user states, “It is not the picking of the nose that separates us, but what comes after.” Another said that they have had people insist they don’t pick their nose, and they’re confident those folks are lying.

3. Practicing Conversations or Dialogue

Man thinking
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Although this might be more of a neurodivergent thing, many people overthink conversations or plan what they will say beforehand.

One commenter stated, “I can have both sides of an argument with someone alone in my own head.” However, I recently learned that some people don’t have a dialogue, which would make this quite tricky.

4. Farting (Especially in Public)

woman plugging nose stink
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Everyone toots, and we need to normalize it! One person told a story about a man who warned him about the foul smell he’d left behind in an aisle and how appreciative he was of the warning.

Another person shared a story about a time between her and her boyfriend at the beginning of their relationship, wherein she farted non-stop the entire flight. He was so angry about the person farting but didn’t realize it was her until later. Now, he knows the truth, and they can laugh about it.

5. Looking up Words We Pretend To Know

Man using mobile
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Whether you’re in an online argument or listening to a lecture, why isn’t it normal to have to look up the definition of a word or two? You can’t be expected to know everything, but people constantly act like they do.

Even if you’re intelligent and well-read, you may look up words you use to double-check the meaning.

6. Judging Other People

Woman giving judgemental look
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“I’m not judgmental” is a common phrase that people use, sometimes even while making a judgmental statement about someone else. The judgment itself is not inherently bad or good, as we constantly use our sense of judgment to make decisions. However, we should all admit that we make assumptions about others, regardless of the reasoning.

7. Holding Yourself To Unrealistic Expectations

Woman shrugging
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Most people know and understand other people’s limits but fail to offer themselves the same grace. Perfectionism, to whatever degree, leads many to believe that everyone else is a “brilliant overachiever” but consider themselves a “lazy idiot,” as one person put it.

8. Talking To Ourselves

Woman forgetting and talking to self
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It was once considered a sign of mental illness if someone talked to themselves, so people started acting like this wasn’t normal.

One person mentioned that their psychology professor in college spoke on this, stating, “It is alright to talk to yourself, and it is alright to answer yourself as long as you know that it is you answering. If this comes into question, seek professional help.”

9. Being Embarrassed About the Past

Man embarassed
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Hundreds or even thousands of memes exist about being up late, unable to sleep due to thoughts of one’s own embarrassment. Still, people uphold a façade that they do not have flashbacks to their most embarrassing blunders.

10. Lying About Receiving or Reading Texts

Woman with mobile
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Back in the day, we didn’t have to worry so much about responding to communication from others immediately. “Sorry, I didn’t see this!” is perhaps one of the biggest lies people tell today, regardless of whether they have read receipts.

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