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Trifecta vs. Factor [Which is Better?]

Are you committing to healthy living this year to get fit or lose weight? If so, ready-to-eat meal subscriptions can help you meet your goals. 

Trifecta and Factor are two of the most well-known services for single-serving meals that offer health-conscious menu choices. Their premade meals can save you time and make it easier to meet your healthy eating goals.

But which one should you try? Our Trifecta vs. Factor comparison will let you know which ready-to-eat meal subscription is our favorite and why.

Is Trifecta or Factor Meals Better?

Trifecta Nutrition is a premade meal service that caters to athletes and people who want to focus on weight loss. All their meal selections are made with clean, high-quality ingredients and contain protein as well as fruits and vegetables.

Factor, formerly Factor 75, offers a weekly menu of heat-and-eat meals for low-carb/keto, plant-based, and low-calorie diets. This HelloFresh-owned company also has a large assortment of weekly add-ons. 

We thoroughly tested both of these services. Here’s how we’ll be comparing them in this article:

  • Cost: Which meal kit company offers the best price per serving between Trifecta and Fator?
  • Specialty diets: If you’re on a special diet or have specific dietary restrictions, will you have better luck with Factor vs. Trifecta?
  • Add-ons: Which meal delivery service offers a more extensive selection of add-ons, like snacks and breakfasts?
  • Packaging: Which of these subscription-based services offers more convenient and eco-friendly packaging?
  • Preparation ease: Are Factor meals or Trifecta Nutrition meals easier to prepare? How long is the prep time?
  • Supporting materials: Which meal delivery kit offers better supporting materials?
  • Taste: Does one of these prepared meal services have a significantly larger variety of recipes or better-tasting meals?
  • Customer service: Which meal delivery subscription service stands out regarding customer service?

Here’s how Trifecta and Factor compare.

Trifecta vs. Factor: Cost

Trifecta and Factor are both on the expensive side, but the convenience they offer might be worth it. They can save you time grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking while providing healthy meals made with fresh ingredients that meet your health goals.

Trifecta’s prices start at $11.24 per serving, but prices vary depending on the meal plan and how many meals per week you order. Their plant-based menus are less expensive. 

Shipping is free, and they frequently offer promotions for new customers.

Factor’s prices start at $10.99 per serving. Shipping is $9.99 per order.

Overall, Factor is slightly more affordable in most cases. Frugal Rules readers can currently receive up to $276 off across their first five boxes.

Winner: Factor

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Factor vs. Trifecta: Specialty Diets

Factor and Trifecta offer some options for dietary needs and food allergies, but Trifecta is the better choice here.

Factor offers keto, vegan, vegetarian, high protein, and low-calorie meals. 

On the other hand, Trifecta offers keto, paleo, clean, Whole30, vegan, and vegetarian. They are also one of the top gluten-free meal delivery services since the service is 100 percent gluten-free. 

The company allows you to exclude meals that contain foods you’re allergic to, intolerant of, dislike, or can’t eat for religious reasons, such as pork, red meat, shellfish, and tree nuts.

Trifecta also uses high-quality, organic ingredients whenever possible. They use grass-fed beef from sustainable farms, non-GMO and organic ingredients, and whole grains. 

Winner: Trifecta

Trifecta vs. Factor: Add-ons

Both companies offer premium meals that focus on high-quality ingredients. However, for add-ons, Factor is the winner.

While Trifecta allows you to add on breakfast meals, Factor offers several add-ons, like:

  • Shakes and smoothies
  • Snacks
  • Desserts
  • Side dishes

I tried Factor’s keto-friendly chocolate chip cookies and protein shakes. They were tasty and convenient.

Winner: Factor

Factor vs. Trifecta: Packaging

Overall, I was happy with both Factor and Trifecta when it came to packaging. Both companies mainly had recyclable packaging that seemed eco-friendly.

Factor nutritional information
Factor packaging
Trifecta nutritional information
Trifecta packaging

However, I preferred the way Factor packaged individual meals. It was more challenging to get the top lining of a Trifecta tray than a Factor tray.

Winner: Factor

Trifecta vs. Factor: Preparation Ease

If easy-to-prepare meals are important to you, Trifecta and Factor are services to consider. You can heat both in the microwave using the trays they arrive in.

Most meals only take several minutes to prepare, which is terrific if you’re short on time. 

Alternatively, you can put them in a skillet and heat them on the stovetop or move the food to an oven-safe tray to warm it up in the oven. 

These options improve the texture and reheat the food more evenly, but they take longer.

Read our guide on the best one-person meal kits if you’re looking for a service that doesn’t focus on lower-calorie meals.

Winner: Tie

Factor vs. Trifecta: Supporting Materials

Because the cooking instructions are simple for these heat-and-eat meals, no recipe cards are provided.

Factor offers free 20-minute coaching sessions with health coaches or dietitians for their members.

Still, Trifecta wins out because they offer an accompanying app for their subscribers. It provides many resources to help them meet their health goals and progress-tracking tools.

Winner: Trifecta

Trifecta vs. Factor: Taste

For taste, Factor was a clear winner to me. In fact, of all of the premade meal services I’ve tried, Factor was the best. 

Their weekly meal options are exciting and loaded with flavor. Better yet, many of their lunch and dinner offerings are family-friendly and would appeal to everyone in the household.

Here are a few of their most recent menu options:

  • Potato Leek Mash & Grilled Chicken with Roasted Corn & Zucchini Saute
  • Blackened Salmon with Smoked Gouda Cauliflower “Grits” & Broccoli
  • Creamy Dill Shrimp Pasta with Chile-Spiced Broccoli & Cauliflower

I tried the Blackened Salmon dish when I was testing Factor. It was delicious. Even after heating in the microwave, the salmon was flaky and tender. 

The cauliflower grits were also super flavorful. The portion sizes for my Factor meals were incredibly filling as well.

Blackened salmon Factor meal
Blacked Salmon with Smoked Gouda Cauliflower “Grits” & Broccoli (Factor)

Trifecta’s meals are much simpler. While they had some good flavor, the texture wasn’t quite as good as Factor meals. Plus, they weren’t as exciting.

Some of Trifecta’s menu options include:

  • Salmon and Wild Rice
  • Beanless Chili Con Carne
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Quinoa

My favorite Trifecta meal I tried was the Cheesy Bacon Chicken. Unfortunately, Trifecta’s meal plans only offer a chef-curated menu, so you can’t choose your meals.

Cheesy bacon chicken Trifecta meal
Cheesy Bacon Chicken (Trifecta)

Overall, based on taste and meal choices, Factor was the winner.

Read our Trifecta Meals review to learn more.

Read our Factor review to learn more.

Winner: Factor

Factor vs. Trifecta: Customer Service

When I tried Trifecta and Factor, I did not need to contact customer service. 

Both services make it easy to cancel or edit your shipments online.

Overall, I was pleased with both services in this regard.

Winner: Tie

What’s the Difference Between Trifecta and Factor?

Choosing a healthy meal delivery service can be challenging. However, in our testing of Trifecta Meals vs. Factor, Factor was the winner. 

Here’s how we ranked the two companies.

Factor won in regards to cost, add-ons, packaging, and taste. They offer tasty meals and snacks at a lower price point than Trifecta.

Trifecta uses higher-quality ingredients, offers more options for specific diets, and has better supporting materials, including the Trifecta app and health tools. 

Unfortunately, they don’t let you customize your meals.

Depending on what you need from a heat-and-eat meal service, you can’t go wrong with either option.

Bottom Line

If you want nutritionally-balanced meals but are short on time, Factor or Trifecta could be a great fit.

Both services offer ready-to-make meals that are designed to help you meet your health goals. While we love the taste of Factor’s meals, Trifecta might be the best choice if you want well-sourced ingredients or have specific dietary needs.

Either of these meal delivery subscription services are excellent options to make healthy food choices easier.

What’s most important to you when choosing a meal delivery company?


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