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Protect Your Money: 11 Scams People Still Fall Prey to and Must Avoid

There are always going to be people who believe anything they hear. Worse yet, there’s always going to be people who try to take advantage of that gullibility. With that, there are scams that many people continue to fall for.

In a recent online discussion, people discussed scams that we simply need to stop falling for.

Weight Loss

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Getting fit takes work. It doesn’t happen overnight, but there’s a myriad of fad diets out there that target people hoping for a quick fix.

One commenter agrees, saying, “Eat nothing but 1.2oz of our magic product, do rigorous exercise and on the fifth day, make sure to use the restroom before weighing yourself!”

They sound easy, but they’re also often far too outlandish.

IRS Calls

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The IRS stokes fear in people. It’s understandable why you may be afraid when they call you.

One person explains why a call from the IRS should tip you off to something is amiss, saying, “The IRS NEVER calls you first! By law, they have to contact you through certified mail.”

So, if the IRS sounds like a call center from a third-world country, that’s because it is.

Multilevel Marketing

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Some people love to think that MLM schemes are THE road to riches. Sadly, it’s not that easy.

One commenter shares a not-so-uncommon story, saying, “My friend dropped out of college with one last semester to go to join Amway. She got like three or so jobs last I heard of her to make it, paying for all the s*** you have to buy at Amway. I’m 25. This happened four years ago.”

The reality is Amway and companies like it only make money for the very few at the top. Per the FCC, less than one percent of people involved in MLMs make money.

Extended Warranties On Your Car

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Protecting your car sounds like a great thing. What if you don’t own a car? Is it possible to protect one you don’t own?

One person explains, “Currently don’t own a car and I get them allll the time.”

Just ignore the call or text and keep your money.

Buying an Online Course

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Many influencers like to promote courses they say are going to teach you everything they did to become wealthy. The problem is they’re becoming wealthy off of you.

One commenter explains, saying, “Buying a ‘rich’ influencers course on dropshipping, cyrpto etc. you’re paying a couple hundred dollars for something you can learn from YouTube or self learning.”

We live in the information age. You can likely find the same information online without forking over your hard-earned money.

Gift Card Scams

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Do you receive threatening calls with the person on the other line claiming they can be bought off with gift cards? Just hang up the phone since it can cost you thousands.

One person notes, “My wife is a CVS store manager and stops old people on a weekly bases from getting scammed. It happens way more than you’d think. The scammer calls and demands the person stay on the phone and has them drive to CVS. The scammer tells the old person they cannot talk to anyone and yells at them if they talk to the staff.”

They continue, “Also these old people tell straight up lies to the cashier when questioned. It’s like they want to get scammed.”

I’ve seen this scam hit numerous people. Just stop and think for a second, and you’ll realize it’s a scam.


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How does sharing a vacation home with strangers sound? Timeshares are often just burdensome traps that will bleed you dry.

One frustrated commenter says, “My parents spend over $100,000 a year on b******* timeshares, they are like elite master voodoo level or some s***. They treat that s*** like an investment, and always tell me and my siblings, “You get to inherit it when we die! It is a good deal!””

The person continues, “Like, no… none of us want that garbage. The fees and ‘cleaning’ charges and crap cost more then a normal vacation, and EVERY resort in the time share looks exactly the same, what is even the point? Also, my parents never go on vacation anyway…. it is infuriating, but they are stuck in a sunk-cost fallacy and they refuse to listen to reason.”

Another person notes, “There isn’t a secondary market for time shares, you can’t even give them away. That’s a sure sign of a scam.”

If you want great travel, wisely use a rewards credit card, and you’ll be much happier. Your children will be too.

Religious Grifters

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Grifters were a thing before televangelists. Sadly, they still take advantage of the unsuspecting. If you’re giving to someone with a private jet, that’s a sign you’re donations aren’t going to the Lord’s work.

“I can live with giving money to a small church who does good things with it and where you are part of the community, but giving to a megachurch is silly. There are plenty of people for that who give out of obligation,” explains one commenter.

They just might be onto something.

Zero Waste Lifestyles

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Recycling is a worthy endeavor. If it helps the planet, we should try it. However, it seems as if it’s not the same across the board.

One commenter explains, saying, “Making you feel guilty for using a plastic bag to carry your groceries while celebrities use their jets just to make a bold entrance at the red carpet.”

They do have a point.

Some Charitable Organizations

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Some charities do great work. They seek to improve the world and help those who have a genuine need. Some take a different approach and are wasteful with their resources.

One person asserts their frustration, saying, “St. Jude comes to mind. They have millions in excess donations they are just sitting on at this point. Instead of putting it into researching childhood cancer or relieving the financial burden on families. They could go without any further donations for like 5 years and hardly be affected.”

Before you give to a charity, make sure they’re diligent at managing their resources and not wasting your hard-earned money.

The Lottery

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Sure, the idea of winning hundreds of millions is fun to think about. Sadly, far too many throw away their cash on the impossible dream.

“It’s basically wasteful gambling with a chance to win out of millions or billions of odds against you. They’re a devilish scheme concocted by the government to raise money without implementing a tax on the poor,” explains one commenter.

Instead of throwing that money away, put it in savings or invest it. Your finances will be much happier.

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