POV – You’re nearing the end of an interview and are asked, “Do you have any questions?” Your mind goes blank, and you cannot recall any of the questions you spent hours preparing. Having questions prepared for your interview shows your interest in the position while allowing you to determine if the role will be a good fit. An interview is a two-way conversation – use the time wisely.

Why is this position available? Though seemingly direct, we encourage you to ask this question in your interview. Most often, an open position is due to one of three reasons: growth, retirement, or resignation. If the company is experiencing growth, it can be assumed the position may provide a stable future in a world of uncertainties. The retirement of the previous employee suggests low turnover rates which Is another attractive feat. of a prospective employer. Your interviewer is likely not at liberty to disclose the details of your resignation, though if you presume this may be the case, you can do extensive research via LinkedIn. Gear your search toward others who have held the same position, paying close attention to their dates of employment. If you find multiple people for short periods, further questions may be necessary.

What opportunities for growth are available within the company? Minimal growth = minimal challenge = feeling unsatisfied = resignation. The desire to feel challenged is human nature. It gives an adrenaline rush and encourages productivity. Nobody has proven successful living the same day over, but to receive growth opportunities, sometimes you must ask. The interview is a good time to let your interviewer know that your loyalty to the company will be offered in exchange for growth opportunities provided.

What benefits does the company offer? This is arguably the most important question you could ask, especially considering the recent rise in employee demands. Basic health coverage is no longer at the forefront of employee requirements. Though still extremely important, job seekers have their sights set on a fruitful contribution toward healthcare as well as a reasonable amount of PTO offered. The demand for hybrid and remote work has increased exponentially and if that is of importance to you, it’s a good idea to determine if your prospective employer offers those flexibilities. Does this employer offer education reimbursement? More frequently we find candidates with the desire to be employed by a company that will offer to lighten the burden of their existing loans. Be specific about your specifications/requirements regarding benefits.

What opportunities, if any, are provided by the company for furthering education? Many industries require updated certifications, training, etc. It’s important to clarify if it will be your responsibility to pursue those opportunities or if they will be provided through the company. To achieve growth, you need to increase the skillset you bring to the table which can only be achieved by furthering your education. If this is not typically something prompted by the potential employer, you should know whether the presentation of such opportunities will be welcomed.

How would you describe the culture here? The culture set forth in a company is perhaps one of the most important attributes of its success. Gain perspective on how the potential employer handles unforeseen situations, such as a global pandemic while continuing to invest in a healthy and productive work environment. Asking how the company has evolved through the events of the last few years will give insight into how seriously (or not seriously) they take the culture set forth in their company. Additionally, asking how their staff interacts and collaborates will allow you to determine if you are a good match.

If there is one fact to remember when you are interviewing for potential employment, it’s that the employer should be working for you just as much as you are for them. It’s your job to give them a reason to get yourself in the door and it’s their job to make you stay. Going into an interview prepared with questions will help to narrow down whether this position is the right fit for you.

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