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How to Start a Candle Business From Home

Turn your candle passion into a profitable business! Here is how to start a candle business from the comfort of your home.

We all like our homes to smell nice, and one way to accomplish that is by lighting a candle. I don’t know about you, but I love how certain scents can elevate your mood and overall home aesthetic. 

Don’t you love the autumn season candle scents like baked apple cinnamon? Or even the soft floral scents for the spring and summer? Seasonal scents can enhance your home or make your gathering feel more festive.

I love that candles can be more than just a product; they can make you feel a certain emotion, bring back a memory, and make the house smell great all at the same time. 

If you are searching for a business to start and have a passion for scents and making people fall in love with all the delicious smells you can create with candles, then a candle business might just be for you!

Steps to Starting a Candle Business

You’ve decided to start a candle business and are thinking, now what? Where do you begin with your candle business? Good question! It can be overwhelming when starting something new, especially an entrepreneurial endeavor. But these 9 steps will help you on your way!

1. Create a Business Plan

As with any business, a business plan is the foundation for business success. It’ll help you define your goals and strategies and even your financial projections. (Outlining startup costs, etc.)

I’ve heard from many business owners that their business plan was key to the success of their business right from the start. 

What Should Go in a Business Plan? 

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