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Great Places to Find Remote Medical Transcription Jobs

Do you have a desire to work in the medical field? Do you have knowledge of medical terminology and lexicon? Are you keen on drafting reports, proofreading and editing? A remote medical transcription job may be for you.

Medical Transcription, also known as MT, is a health profession dealing with the process of listening, interpreting, and typing voice-recorded medical reports that have been dictated by physicians, nurses and healthcare providers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average annual salary for a full-time medical transcriptionist is approximately $34,770. When compensated on an hourly basis, the average pay is $16.72.

The first step to becoming a remote medical transcriptionist is to earn your high school diploma or GED. This is the only formal requirement. Medical transcriptionists are not required to have postsecondary education, but employers prefer to hire those that do.

Next, you must assess your typing speed. Most of your time will be spent listening to doctors’ dictation and transcribing information. If you are a slow typist, consider taking online typing courses to increase your speed.

A beneficial next step would be to get credentialed, earning a certificate or degree in medical transcription. This is not a requirement but will give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Finally, you must take the RHDS and CHDS exams, which test your basic knowledge of medical terminology as well as your English language abilities.

Consider visiting Career Step and enrolling in their Medical Transcription Editor program. They work directly with hiring companies and will prepare you to work as a medical transcriptionist or medical transcription editor.

There is some concern about the future of medical transcription jobs due to the advances in technology and speech recognition software. There is, however, an increased demand for medical transcription editors.

The importance of accuracy when dealing with medical records and reports is invaluable. Medical transcription editors will be able to catch the vocal errors and typed errors created by voice recognition programs, ensuring medical record accuracy. Because Doctors do not have the time to edit and proofread their own reports, provided you have the skills and knowledge necessary, your future is secure, and your services will always be needed.

Does this line of work appeal to you? Continue reading below for a list of companies hiring for positions in the medical transcription field.

Absolute Transcription is a transcription service providing HIPAA-compliant, high security, encrypted transcription in various branches of medicine. They ensure complete confidentiality to physicians and patients while providing an easy means of dictation and transcriptions services. Based in Oklahoma City, they only hire transcriptionists in the United States.

To qualify as an Absolute Transcriptionist, you must be screened, tested, and possess prior experience. You must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of medical terminology, terms and drugs. You must type in Word only, be able to meet a 24-hour turnaround timeframe and have a medical spell checker.

This position does not provide benefits, and you are paid on the 1st and 15th of every month by mail.

Ascend Healthcare Systems is currently hiring Medical Transcriptionists for work from home positions. They are a single source solutions company offering resources for hospitals, clinics, group practices and health care networks. Their practice focuses on three areas, outsourcing (through transcription and coding services), revenue recovery services, and dictation and voice services.

A minimum of three years of experience is required to qualify, and all candidates must go through a mandatory background check.

Athreon has achieved the title of one of the leading transcription outsourcing companies for businesses in North America and Europe. They assist highly-successful companies across a variety of different industries in speech to text services. Athreon’s remote transcription jobs allow a steady flow of work from the convenience of your home office.

Their technology is feature-rich and intuitive, allowing transcriptionists to produce a higher volume of work in less time. A dedicated help desk can be reached during business hours for technical support and assistance. Payment is sent weekly via PayPal based on the amount of lines produced.

Athreon’s transcriptionists type for a wide variety of organizations including medical practices, hospitals, law firms, media outlets, insurance companies, law enforcement, and universities. To qualify for a home-based transcriptionist job, you must provide proof of graduation from a transcription training program, or 2 years’ relevant work experience as a transcriptionist.

Fast Chart is a medical transcription company that offers innovative, accurate and affordable solutions to hospitals, clinics and physician practitioners. They are U.S. based and staffed, with state-of-the-art technology, and have a reputation for 98.5% accuracy and 99.9% system uptime. They are currently welcoming Independent Contractor Medical Transcriptionists to join their team.

As a Fast Chart independent contractor, you will have the flexibility to set your own schedule, receive competitive pay rates, shift differential pay, premium weekend and holiday pay, and qualify for an incentive pay program. Pay is on a bi-weekly basis through direct deposit, software is provided, and there are no long-distance costs.

Prequalify yourself online by completing an online qualification form and resume. Pre-qualified candidates will complete a medical language and terminology test as well as a typing test.

M*Modal is offering full and part-time work to medical transcriptionists and editors. Working to close the loop in clinical documentation, M*Modal uses cloud-based documentation solutions to connect workflows for accurate and efficient speech recognition, transcription and coding.

To be considered for employment with M*Modal, you must have one year of work experience as a medical transcriptionist or be a recent graduate of a certified transcription program. High-speed internet and a personal computer are also required. You will be provided with a foot pedal, headset and reference materials. Payment is issued biweekly per line.

Are you interested in working for a leading medical transcription service organization with approximately 5,000 home and office-based employees? Nuance Transcription Services assists a variety of hospitals and physician groups throughout the United States and is currently looking for Medical Transcriptionists to join their team.

If you have a minimum of one year of acute-care experience, including operative notes, consults, discharge summaries, histories and physicals, this could be the perfect fit for you. Positions are available for part-time contractors with previous experience and high-speed internet access.

Benefits with Nuance include direct deposit, a flexible schedule, paid time off, holiday premium pay, competitive line rates, a 401(k) plan, flexible spending accounts, and medical, dental and vision insurance.

Perfect Transcription is a physician-owned and managed medical transcription services company. They are in search of Medical Transcriptionists and Editors to join their ever-growing team. Transcriptionists must have at least three years of prior medical transcription experience, be proficient in Microsoft Word, have a college diploma, and have an excellent understanding of English grammar and style.

Precision Transcription, LLC was formed as the result of a merger of two transcription companies, Precision Transcription and American Medical Transcription Service. They take pride in providing “old-school customer service” to their clients, as well as accurate and quality work.

They are hiring Medical Transcriptionists as independent contractors who have 3 years of recent acute care experience. You must have excellent time management and moderate level computer skills.

Preferred Transcriptions has experience across all disciplines and practices including hospitals, surgery centers, medical and dental practices, behavioral health practices and neuropsychology clinics. They transcribe operating room notes, hospital records, notes and reports, progress reports, neuropsychology evaluations, discharge summaries, office notes, and IME’s.

They have job openings for legal transcriptionists, general transcriptionists, and medical transcriptionists. A minimum of two years’ experience in a hospital or clinical setting, excellent command of the English language, and computer are required for a Medical Transcriptionist position.

For the opportunity to work for a 100% USA based company, with unmatched services and technical and customer support, consider applying for a position with SoftScript. This medical transcription company is seeking professional medical transcriptionists, quality assurance specialists, and information systems personnel.

To qualify for a role as a medical transcriptionist, you must have 3 years of work experience, or have successfully completed a Medical Transcription program. You must be able to read, write and speak the English fluently, be available to work weekends on occasion, and have knowledge of medical terminology, guidelines and procedures.

To apply, visit the career tab on their website, and fill out the online application and resume. You will be asked to rate your proficiency in medical specialties, with foreign accents, and medical experience levels.

SpectraMedi MSO provides specific solutions and services for medical professionals, including billing, transcription, collection, practice management and staffing, with the goal of streamlining patient care and bettering financial outcomes.

They are hiring for a variety of work from home positions, including full-time and part-time medical transcriptions. Experience is required, and a certificate is preferred. Remote transcriptionists with SpectraMedi work via the internet using company software.

StenoMed, a family owned and operated national medical transcription company, is currently accepting resumes for medical transcriptionists. They are looking for applicants that have an in-depth understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, procedures and treatments, are able to translate abbreviations, and have excellent punctation and grammar.

Interested in working for a leading provider of translation and interpretation services, transcription and audience response systems? ubiQuis has over 60 years of expertise, 23,000 clients, and excels in quality, service and relationships. They have integrated 23 companies across North America and Europe to provide services globally.

They are currently looking to expand their roster of freelance contractors by hiring part-time, work from home transcriptionists and editors. You must be U.S. based, an English speaker, and possess at least one year of transcription experience in order to qualify. Strict adherence to deadlines and expertise using Microsoft Word is also a necessity.

When applying for this position, you have the ability to choose between performing legal or medical transcription. To be suitable for either position, you must have at least 1 year of experience within the field. Compensation is paid per word of each submitted transcript.

For more information on the steps necessary to pursue a career as a medical transcription editor, and for a list of additional companies hiring, visit this post.

You may also monitor the below Medical Transcription job boards to find positions as they become available.

If you don’t have the experience or training required, don’t forget to check out Career Step. You can train at home and at your own pace. The company also works with several companies that hire Career Step graduates to work from home.

Visit this post for more information about how to increase your production and compensation as a transcriptionist.


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