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From Play to Replay: 10 Top TV Theme Songs People Never Skip, According to the Internet

There are some TV theme songs that are so recognizable that even people who have never watched the show know what show it came from. There are TV theme songs that are so good that people never skip them, even if they’ve seen the show a million times.

Here are ten TV theme songs that people never skip.

What We Do In the Shadows

Photo Credit: FXP

The theme song from What We Do In the Shadows is written and performed by Norma Tanega. The lyrics include, “You’re dead, you’re dead, you’re dead, you’re dead and out of this world.”

One person said, “Yes, I sing along every time! The guitar in that song is so good!”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Photo Credit: Mutant Enemy Productions

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme song doesn’t have any lyrics, but it does have a very distinctive organ intro. The song is performed by Nerf Herder.

One commenter said, “Came to say the same. I don’t think I’ve ever skipped Buffy or Angel’s themes, even after multiple rewatches.”

True Blood

Photo Credit: HBO Entertainment Television

The True Blood theme song is written and performed by Jace Everett, and it’s pretty catchy.

One person said, “It’s the best part of the show after season 1 in my opinion.” Quite a few others agreed with that sentiment, and many agreed that they never skip the song.


Photo Credit: HBO Entertainment Television

The Succession theme song was another common answer to what TV theme songs are just not to be skipped. The song is by Nicholas Britell, and one person said, “I listen to this all the time. I love it!”

Another said, “This is on my jogging playlist!”

The Office

Photo Credit: NBC Universal Television Studio

The U.S. version of The Office’s theme song was one that people don’t like to fast forward through. The song was composed by Jay Ferguson, and it’s a theme song favorite.

One person said, “Seriously without a doubt the best answer, and the entire score throughout the series reprising it in countless new ways is so sick. If you don’t think this is the top answer you haven’t watched it.”

King Of the Hill

Photo Credit: Deedle-Dee Productions

King of the Hill is one of the best animated shows of all time, and the theme song is amazing, too. The theme song was played by The Refreshments, and it’s so catchy that you can’t help but listen to it every time.

One commenter said, “King of the Hill for sure. I like to ‘sing’ along.”

The Sopranos

Photo Credit: HBO Entertainment Television

Even if you’ve never seen the show, chances are you know the theme song from The Sopranos. The song was written and performed by Alabama 3.

One person said, “I saw Alabama 3 play it live at the rebuilt Cavern. They introduced it as as the song about the man who drives a car around New Jersey.”  Another said, “This is the only answer.”


Photo Credit: Heel and Toe Films

The theme song for the TV show House was another popular answer when asked which theme songs you never skip. The song is called Teardrop, and it was performed by Massive Attack.

One person said, “Feel like I had to scroll way too far to find this. Such a banger.”

The Wire

Photo Credit: HBO Entertainment Television

The theme song from The Wire was another popular answer for TV theme songs you never skip. The song ‘Way Down in the Hole’ was performed by a different artist during each season of the show.

One commenter said, “The Wire, I love the original by Tom Waits, and enjoyed hearing the different versions each season.”

Game Of Thrones

Photo Credit: HBO Entertainment Television

Another winner for the HBO empire. The Game of Thrones theme song is very recognizable, and no one seems to skip through it.

One commenter said, “Definitely Game of Thrones, Ramin Djawadi is a brilliant film score composer.” Another said, “Game of Thrones plus the opening sequence is always different, so I never skip it.”

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