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Discover The Most Affordable Places to Retire in 2023

Life after leaving the workforce can be challenging financially. Where you live can greatly impact that. Here are 11 affordable places to retire to stretch your budget and maximize enjoyment.

Athens, Georgia

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Do you want the big city lifestyle, mixed with the fun of a college town? Athens may be for you as it’s the home of the University of Georgia and an hour east of Atlanta.

The median home price is $290,000, nearly 25 percent less than the national median. Residents also enjoy numerous tax benefits. However, serious crime is worse than the national average.

Charlotte, North Carolina

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Charlotte is a fun city, with plenty of attractions. The median home price is at $375,000. Numerous tax benefits are available, such as no state income tax on Social Security income.

If you like to enjoy all four seasons, and fun choices for couples, Charlotte is worth considering.

While the city has lots of good doctors, the town isn’t very walkable.

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Cincinnati is a big city, with super affordable home prices. Median home prices are $213,000, or 41 percent below the national average. Furthermore, the cost of living is 13 percent below the national average.

Cincinnati also has a diverse mix of neighborhoods and a thriving park system.

Combined with tax benefits, your money can go further in the Queen City. Unfortunately, serious crime is above the national average.

Columbia, Missouri

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Nestled between Kansas City and St. Louis, Columbia is another wonderful college town. It has a median home price of $277,000, low cost of living, and high ratio of doctors.

There’s no state estate tax, and the climate is relatively comfortable. Additionally, there are numerous local sports options and a diverse mix of races.

However, there is a state income tax on Social Security, and other retirement income.

Fargo, North Dakota

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Don’t mind the cold? If not, Fargo could be a perfect retirement destination for you. The median home price is $279,000, and Fargo has a lower than average cost of living. The city has a high number of doctors for its population, and it’s great for active people.

Despite its size, Fargo also has a thriving entertainment scene.

It’s also very cold and there are state taxes on Social Security income.

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Indianapolis is perfect for people who want proximity to Chicago, without being a massive city. Median home prices come in at $219,000, with a cost of living at a whopping 40 percent below the national average.

Indianapolis has loads of sports and cultural interests, and numerous tax benefits on retirement income. And, it has a small town vibe.

Unfortunately, serious crime rates are higher than average and the city isn’t terribly walkable.

Lexington, Kentucky

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Lexington is another larger college town. If you love college basketball or horses, Lexington is the place for you. It has a median home price of $276,000, a large number of doctors, and a low serious crime rate.

Lexington also has a lot of outdoor activities and a thriving arts and entertainment scene.

While residents enjoy a variety of tax benefits, there is a state inheritance tax.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Pittsburgh is a working class town, with lots of opportunities thanks to its proximity to numerous colleges. The median home price is just $219,000, which is 42 percent below the national average.

The city also has a higher than average number of doctors, numerous tax benefits, and great for walking and biking. If you love history, there are a lot of options of interest within close proximity.

Sadly, a state inheritance tax hits everyone other than spouses. And, the winters can be brutal.

San Antonio, Texas

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Remember the Alamo! San Antonio is the nation’s seventh-largest city by population, with affordable housing. The median home price is $219,000, or 30 percent lower than the national average.

The city has lots of cultural benefits, good air quality, and no state income tax.

However, San Antonio has a higher than average serious crime rate. The public transit system also could use some help.

Spokane, Washington

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Do you want to live on the West Coast, without high SoCal prices? Spokane has a relatively affordable housing market, with the median price at $375,000.

There are plenty of choices for active individuals, and there are numerous state tax benefits. Furthermore, there is a wealth of outdoor activities and lots of cultural attractions.

Unfortunately, Spokane can have cold winters and there are estate taxes.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Di you love the beach? Virginia Beach could be for you. The median home price is roughly the same as the national median at $371,000. Additionally, there are no taxes on Social Security income.

The high crime rate is also relatively low.

Surprisingly, the city isn’t very walkable. Perhaps the beach can make up for that.

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