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Customer Service Reps Tell All: Why Boomers Are the Worst Shoppers Ever

Customer service representatives experience all kinds of people, but some are more memorable than others. Here are 11 reasons why reps say Boomers are horrible customers.

The Funny Guy Boomer

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What’s worse than a horribly timed joke? The joke teller actually thinking it’s funny.

“It’s a joke sweetheart, you’re supposed to laugh!” Oh am I?? AM I??, says one online commenter. Another notes, “Sure, I’ll laugh just as soon as my heart gets back up from where it dropped to the pit of stomach because I thought we were about to have an actual serious problem that could get me fired!”

Don’t be that person.

The Idea That it’s Okay to Talk Down to People

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Talking down to employees isn’t a Boomer-only thing, but some customer service people says differently.

“While the retail industry is universally horrible these days, baby boomers are far too comfortable inflicting themselves. It’s not only in expectations, but in decorum, whether or not you smile at them and make them feel in control. They’ll abuse their authority, greeting you by name to let you know that they’re in charge. And if a store policy inconveniences them, you’re a ‘dumb s***’ and useless. Once we were called essential employees, and now they’ll spit down on you for not smiling broadly enough,” says one person.

Policies are there for a reason. Just because you may not like them doesn’t mean you have to be rude about it.

They Don’t Think They Have to Follow the Rules

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No one likes rules, but they’re there for a reason. One person notes,

“I’ve worked retail, and been a server, face to face with customers half my life, and I will say that yes, the boomer generation is the worst. Older or younger generations can accept that I try my best to take good care of them, or abide by protocol, and boomer generation has temper tantrums in the store, or expect me to risk losing my job or to even do something illegal.

“Example, a product is for adults only, young people accept the rules and leave. Elderly people will let me guide through the transaction and appreciate my expertise. Boomers wanna practically fight.”

Rules may not always make sense, but they’re certainly not worth starting a fight over in the store.

They Feel They’re Better Than Everyone Else

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Thinking you’re above everyone else isn’t a trait unique to Boomers. But, Boomers do like to show it in spades.

“According to the GI generation, Boomers are the worst – and it’s true. They are the “greed/evil is good” generation of hoarders who stole all the wealth. They also love mistreating people they consider beneath them. This makes them awful customers,” comments one person.

Customer service reps are only doing their job, treat them with kindness.

The After Church Crowd

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Do you go to church? Don’t show your true colors minutes after the service.

“The after-church crowd on Sundays is pretty rude, ironically,” notes one commenter.

Let the sermon sink in a bit more before taking out your weekly frustrations on the poor checker.

Being Crude

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Not everyone enjoys a crass joke, and that’s more than ok.

“Yup, just quit my job of 2 years working at a grocery store and I agree. Old people (men) are also the ones to make crude comments that make me uncomfortable or talk about politics/religion just to start fights. Baby boomers also get mad at the baggers a lot and when we do our job of asking questions such as what bags they want they get mad and snappy,” says one person.

Keep the joke to yourself if it’s going to offend the bagger.

They’re Whiners

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Boomers aren’t the only whiners, for sure. However, they seem to take the cake for some customer service people.

“The reason why is right in the name. Because baby boomers are nothing but overgrown babies. The most spoiled rotten, entitled, whiney, petulant, illiterate, ignorant, narcissistic generation of s***heads walking the earth today. If I have some customer being an irrational, angry a****** about nothing whatsoever, it is ALWAYS a boomer,” notes one person.

We can’t always get our why, and there’s no sense to always whine about it.

Many Won’t Think For a Second

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Sure, technology can be overwhelming but we all live in a society.

“The technology thing really annoys me. My grandma used to say for years she didn’t even know where the on button was on a computer as a joke but since moving to a more rural area she has learned the basics of her smart phone and the internet and can now order herself groceries and things she needs from Amazon etc. she’s 75. She learned to do it and then realized that it did actually make her life easier. Some boomers refusal to learn is just sad. And you’re spot on about how they feel like they should be offended in some way for having to use their brain and think for one second,” adds one commenter.

Technology can be a challenge at times, but it’s best to embrace it.

They Think All Workers Are Lazy

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Just because a customer service person doesn’t move at the pace you would like, or is sitting, doesn’t make them lazy.

“And it’s also boomers who think cashier’s look lazy if they sit while scanning items. Also boomers who think warehouse employees must stand and not sit if there’s a minute where there’s no tasks to do,” says one person.

Try standing on your feet for ten hours a day and see how you feel.

Many Are Ignorant

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Don’t judge a book by its cover. The adage holds true when you’re at the store too.

“We get complaints about being on our phones all the time when really it’s our order guns… like we’re literally working, they’re reporting us for working to pick and send their orders,” notes one commenter.

Before spouting off, take a second to try to understand what’s going on.

They Think They Know Everything

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Before making an accusatory question, ask yourself if you’ve performed the job you’re calling out. If not, it may be best to stay quiet. One customer service representative concurs, “I notice the older folks tend to do a lot of ‘Do it like that’ or ‘I want this’ or ‘Why is X out’ like they are very blunt and there’s not a lot of ‘Excuse me/please/thank you’ which is rude to people my age who are used to apologizing for breathing, lol.

But yeah I have to do a lot of subtle deep breaths and clear my head a lot when at the checkout with older people. It’s hard not to just disassociate but instead just kind of brush the annoyed and hurt feelings off while also acknowledging them.”

You, like myself, don’t know everything.

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