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Adorable Overload: Meet The Cutest Animals on the Planet

We all need a little dose of cuteness in our lives. Sometimes a picture of an adorable animal can melt our hearts and bring a much needed smile to our face. According to people in an online forum, these cuddly creatures are the cutest animals on the planet.

Red Pandas

red panda
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

To others promoting other cute creatures, one online commenter says, “You are all wrong, the cutest animals are red pandas.”

They weren’t alone. Another responded, “Facts.”

Red pandas are adorable. How can you resist that face?


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

There isn’t much in this world cuter than watching an otter eat.

As one commenter puts it, “Have you seen an otter eat? I know it’s subjective opinion but if your answer isn’t ‘otter’ you’re wrong.”

If the question is, ‘what is the cutest animal on the planet?’ then otter certainly fits the bill.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

One person sums it up well by saying, “Hedgehogs with their little snouts and adorable little eyes and aah I’m dying of cuteness overload here.”

You’re right, it is hard to argue with hedgehogs being some of the cutest animals in the world.

Harp Seals

harp seal
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

What’s cuter than a baby seal? Nothing according to multiple commenters. One said, “Those things are adorable. I think they are endangered because people keep trying to go after their fur….They look like puppies but with flippers instead of legs.”

Hard to argue with flippered puppies.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

When thinking of the cutest animals on earth, we should be careful not to overlook what’s right in front of us – housecats make some of the most darling babies.

One person says, “Boring answer, but cats. They’re top tier in terms of cuteness physically and you’re able to interact with them without giving them a heart attack or getting a disease.”

Another responds, “You can live without cats, but it would be a wasted life.”


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Americans’ favorite pet has to be dogs. So, it only make sense that puppies would make the list.

The real debate comes in which breed is the cutest. Commenters in an online forum took up the question, with many responses.

The top one settled on Corgis, but our favorite response was this one: “All puppies are cute. That’s a trick question.”


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

It seems everywhere you go now you see stuffed axolotls. These cute little salamanders got lots of love in an online forum for being irresistibly adorable.

While they are carnivorous, they look like babies for their entire lives.

Perhaps that’s why they make the cut for the cutest animals on the planet.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

A dad that tenderly takes care of his kids? Adorable.

Or, as one commenter puts it, “Penguins, the way they walk and socialize melts my heart.”


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

This rare creature is gaining fame worldwide for its cuteness. As one person put it, “Pangolin, nothing cuter.”

Another adds, “They always look like they accidentally dropped their pencil on the floor but are too shy to ask you to get it.”

While a strangely specific analogy, we have to agree that they are cute.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

A row of ducklings quietly quacking away as they follow their mother in a line through the pond?

Really, what could be cuter than that?

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