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15 Fortune 500 Companies With Work From Home Positions

Hiring remote workers is a growing trend across the majority of industries today – according to last year’s “State of the Remote Job Marketplace” report compiled by Flexjobs, there are 3.9 million Americans working from home at least part-time. It’s no wonder that a number of Fortune 500 companies are jumping on board with virtual call centers for their customer support, home-based web and software developer teams, and even medical professionals working remotely.

If you are looking for a remote job with a well-known company, I’ve put together a list of 15 Fortune 500 companies with work-from-home positions to get you started.

1. Amazon

Are you looking for a remote job with a well-known company? Here's a list of Fortune 500 companies with work-from-home positions to get you started. #workfromhome #workathomejobs #hiringAmazon frequently has work-from-home jobs available these days that go beyond the usual customer service role – though they need plenty of folks for customer service, too! They’re just not always hiring for that position, so check their website frequently. Other roles they fill with remote employees include sales positions, tech team placements with Amazon Web Services and more, and advanced roles in their organization. You can find all their Virtual Locations jobs here. If you land a full-time employee position with them, you can look forward to their benefits package as well.

2. American Express

American Express regularly invites people to sign up for their Talent Community so prospective hires are always in the know when they have virtual positions to fill. Like Amazon, they also hire remote workers for their tech roles – so if you know how to code in Java, check them out. They also need customer care and lifestyle/travel agents to join their virtual team with semi-regular calls for applicants – and there definitely seems to be room for advancement in your work-from-home career with them.

3. Anthem

Anthem is the first of several companies in the health sector on our list to offer work-from-home positions – search their database for “remote” to find them. Many of their positions have a location component – for example, you might need to reside in Tennessee or California, even though you’re not going into work out of a company office. The available positions run the full spectrum of jobs at Anthem and include program managers, medical directors, reimbursement admins, investigators, and more. Some advanced experience or certificates may be required depending on the job.

4. Capital One

To find work-from-jobs with Capital Onesearch their database with the “work at home” or “work from home” keywords. You’ll frequently find multiple positions available for customer care and fraud investigation roles – both part time and full time. These are entry-level positions and these gigs come with benefits – including PTO, healthcare, retirement plans, and even education contributions like tuition reimbursement and professional development. (You’ll have to check with them to discover how much of that is available to part-time employees.) They do sometimes have location requirements – e.g., you have to live within 100 miles of one of their service hubs – so make sure you check that before applying to any open positions.

5. Citizens Bank

Many of the work-from-home positions available from Citizens Bank are for the mortgage loan office role, though you’ll also find that they hire business development officers, acquisitions account executives, re-engineering analysts, and more as well. Many of their available positions are full time and require a college degree. They list states for each of their job listings, which may mean you have to be a resident of that state to qualify – find the listing of the state nearest you and check with them if you’re not sure. You can sign up for job alerts directly at their site.

6. Concentrix

The Concentrix work-at-home program is well established, providing third-party work-from-home customer service agents for their clients. Their available positions include roles such as customer support, social media director, software engineering, and more. They only hire from certain states, so pay attention to location in their job listings. These are hourly paid employee positions, as well, and there may be opportunities for advancement with Concentrix. See their website for an extensive FAQ about their work-at-home program.

7. Conduent

Conduent also does extensive hiring of customer support and technical support reps to work from home in their virtual call center. Many of these positions are full-time with benefits – like healthcare, company discounts, and professional development. They also have flexible schedule options. They’re another third party customer service provider that only hires remote employees in certain states – however since there are 37 states on their list, you have a good chance of qualifying based on your location. Their education and experience requirements only ask that you have a high school diploma (or equivalent) and at least 6 months of customer service experience.

8. CVS Health

CVS, as the largest pharmacy health provider in the US, hires remote employees to work in a number of diverse positions – there’s the usual customer service gig, of course, but they’re also looking for field service technicians in certain areas along with web developers, registered nurses, and account managers (to name but a few). Carefully check each job listing as they will typically require you to be local to a certain state or city, even though you won’t be working out of a company office. Their CSR positions generally want you to have at least 6 months of experience in working from home.

9. Intuit

Over at Intuit’s Career Center, you can filter jobs by location – specifically “USA Remote.” They don’t always have a ton of positions open, but they do hire for tax support – so they no doubt have seasonal bumps in hiring to support customers during tax season. Many of these positions will require a CPA, and some are also bilingual – good news for you Spanish speakers! They have a long list of required qualifications to qualify for these seasonal gigs, but, if you’re an Enrolled Agent, Certified Public Accountant, or practicing attorney with an emphasis in tax laws, check out their remote job listings.

10. Kelly Services

Kelly Services is currently hiring for their KellyConnect team – are you ready to become a Support Representative in their virtual call center? Generally, you’ll need strong customer skills as well as technical knowledge to succeed in this role – KellyConnect reps provide step-by-step technical guidance to their customers. The technology in question includes devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and more, so you should have solid knowledge on using and troubleshooting those devices. They pay weekly, only require a high school diploma, and want you to grow with their company.

11. Magellan Health

Magellan Health has an entire page dedicated to their Remote program, and are currently hiring in over 71 positions – like military and family life counselors, clinical care manager services, data analysts, care coordinators, and more. Each position has its own unique set of qualification requirements – but, if you’re a nurse (RN or LPN), there’s a place for you! If you’re not a qualified professional in the healthcare industry, don’t fret – they need folks experience with client support and web development, too. They offer benefits!

12. Robert Half International

If you haven’t heard about Robert Half, they connect highly skilled employees with employers looking for that level of talent. This means that they have a robust and diverse selection of listings for people looking to work from home. Just a quick glance shows job listings for a content and ad copywriter, technical writers, web developers, help desk support, and more. Make sure you search their database for “work from home” when searching for these positions, and pay attention to the term of work offered – some of these positions are temporary.

13. Tenet Healthcare

Tenet Healthcare is hiring for many remote positions, including patient account representatives, coders, product analysts, nurses, compliance officer associates, and so much more. The requirements for these jobs are as diverse as the jobs available – it’s worth your time to go and have a look at their open remote positions to see if there’s something you’re qualified to do. They say that both full-time and part-time employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package with them with impressive health insurance, too.

14. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is another company in the healthcare sector that hires work-from-home employees – those of my readers in the nursing field will find great opportunities here. Some of their positions are field-based and some are telephone-based, so there may be location requirements – check the job details to be sure. They also hire for customer service and claims positions. For their customer service positions, you don’t even need prior experience – just a high school diploma or equivalent. They do prefer at least one year of experience in an office, call center, or phone support role, but it’s not required.

15. Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma frequently has work-from-home positions open – yes, many of them are customer service jobs, but their opportunities don’t stop there. If you have graphic design skills, a sales background, web developer skills, or other skills, you have a strong chance of finding something that fits your background at Williams-Sonoma. They offer benefits for some positions, and give overtime hours in their busy seasons. They also have paid training for their customer service roles.

You don’t have to work outside the home to land yourself a job with a Fortune 500 company – simply follow your favorite lead above and see what happens.


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