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13 Things Millennials Will Be Blamed For in 50 Years From Now

It’s easy to blame Millennials for everything, and some of that blame may be warranted. As we look to the future, here are 13 things the generation will be blamed for in the next 50 years.

Giving Children Too Much Screen Time

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As a Gen Xer, screens weren’t as prevalent today. Some view Millennials as giving their children too much time in front of a screen.

“For raising their babies with tablets and internet,” says one online commenter. Another adds, “I’m already blaming us for that. There’s nothing wrong with it in my opinion but it still kind of irritates me when all the new kids coming into my workplace nowadays don’t have anything to talk about with movies or tv. They haven’t seen anything! Just YouTubers and v-tubers. Asked the girl I work with if she played video games and she got really excited and started talking about VR chat. I just want to talk about how much I loved All Dogs Go To Heaven with a like minded individual.”

Screens are okay, in small doses. Too much of a good thing is something different.

Not Solving the World’s Problems

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Every generation likes to think they’re here to help make the world a better place. Millennials may take that to an extreme, but they’re failing.

“Not solving the existential problems facing humanity, same as every generation before them and every generation after them. It’s beautiful, in a way. The circle of life,” notes one person.

Millennials better get to work.

Population Shortages

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Births have been trending downward for near a decade. Millennials are leading the charge in that.

“It’s not a shortage, it’s a decline and it’s honestly for the best. Finite resources available. Automation has eliminated millions of jobs and will continue to do so. Climate change will render huge sections of the planet uninhabitable and make agriculture incredibly difficult. Natural decline of the population is much better than having all of those people die from famine and disease,” says one commenter.

Another adds, “The world is so overpopulated. Millennials not having kids will be a good thing of corporations can stop worrying about having wage slaves.”

Are fewer births a good thing? Only time will tell.


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Generations often like to pin blame on past generations. Watch out Millennials, because the blame may be all on you.

“Everything, same as the Boomers are being blamed for everything now,” notes one commenter. Another adds, “If they skipped the kombucha and avocado toast, they would be able to afford a house! Those Gen Z’ers caused all this!”

No one is perfect, so we all share blame.

Being Too Politically Correct

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Being politically correct is best in small doses, but Millennials often make it sport.

“Making every issue, piece of art, product too politically correct. Making every issue, piece of art and product gender neutral/gender fluid. Making it OK to put your problems on social media and expecting someone else to fix you,” says one person.

It’s hard not to disagree.

Denying Rights

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Everyone deserve rights, but how far does that go beyond us as humans?

One online commenter says, “Denying Droid rights. Hypocrites…That, or the rise of the machines…not sure…lemme call my 81y/o father and ask him.”

How far does it go?

Not Contributing Enough to Society

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Millennials are stereotypically drowning in student loan debt. Will that keep them from contributing to the food of society?

“For not contributing enough to keep the economy afloat because they’re STILL paying off their f*****g student loans,” says one person.

Given the recent Supreme Court decision invalidating Biden’s student loan plan, this argument might be onto something.

Lack of Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is essential in all things. But, have Millennials thrown it out of the window?

“Not stepping up and teaching the Gen Z [sic] and behind how to apply critical thinking to information and not just listening to a hot take on Tik Tok,” notes one commenter.

Going to Tik Tok for critical thinking, that’s humorous.


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Do Millennials like to blame Boomers for everything? It certainly feels that way to the older generation.

“Millennials are never ending whiners. So afraid of ‘adulting’ I can’t imagine them taking the blame for anything. (Rolls eyes). In 50 years they will still be blaming Boomers,” says one person. Another person adds, “Nothing, Boomers will be dead.”

Being blamed for nothing and everything? Notice a problem?

Increase in Divorce Rate

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Divorces are increasing in the past few years, and it’s always sad. Will they continue to increase?

“Increase in divorce rate and cheating in relationships even though they have an open relationship. All my co-workers are going through breakups right now and complaining,” says one commenter.

Hopefully, for Millennials’ sakes, the numbers will change course.

Social Media

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Social media was supposed to make things better for us, but a thinking person can see otherwise.

“Social media happened on our watch. People praise MySpace but they made Facebook popular, been a downward spiral from there to Twitter and now Reddit,” says one person.

If social media is our town square, and it doesn’t change, God help Millennials.

Rise of the Right Wing

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The growing rise of the far right wing of the Republican party is concerning. Will it continue to get more extreme?

“Probably the radical right’s ability to seize power like they have recently. Trump basically happened because the Millennials threw a fit over not having their particular flavor of progressive in office,” notes one commenter.

If things don’t turn around, can Millennials be held to account?

The Funeral Industry

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Funerals aren’t cheap. The average cost is nearly $8,000 for those with a viewing and casket. Will it get worse for Millennials?

“Ruining the funeral industry when we are geriatrics. We can’t even afford houses, how in the world are we supposed to afford a burial plot and casket?” says one person.

Sad state indeed.

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