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12 Stereotypes About Boomers That Are Painfully Accurate According to People Who Work in Retail

People tend to show you who they are when they shop. Kind people tread workers with respect and compassion. Angry, selfish people tend to treat people rudely. These things are true of Boomers, according to retail workers.

They Think They’re Always Right

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One retail worker shared a question in an online forum that generated a lot of reactions and responses.

They said, “I’ve worked in retail…and I have to say, out of all the bad customers I’ve gotten, probably 80% of the worst customers are old people, particularly baby boomers, and oftentimes when I see someone around that age, I subconsciously want to avoid serving them.

“Like, I feel they’re disproportionately impatient, pickier than most other customers…extremely entitled, and fond of abusing the ‘customer is always right’ rule.”

They’re Rude

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Another commenter chimed in, agreeing with the original poster, saying that boomers are excessively rude.

They said, “They are very blunt and there’s not a lot of ‘excuse me/please/thank you’ which is rude to people my age who are used to apologizing for breathing, lol.”

People who work in retail have it hard enough.

Anyone of any age being rude to them is just uncalled for.

They Always Think Someone is Ripping Them Off

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It’s understandable to be concerned of being taken advantage of by others. Especially when you’re shopping.

They are a lot of snake oil salespeople out there. But, one retail worker said boomers always think they’re being taken advantage of.

“There is usually some kind of power play involved. And they act like you’re always ripping them off.”

It’s best to give people the benefit of the doubt before assuming they’re wronging you.

They Complain Too Much

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One retail worker shares a memory of a boomer complaining over having to wait in line too long.

They say, “Imagine being a boomer,…standing in line at Cosmetics, waiting for the cashier to come back from the restroom, and screaming at the guy they temporarily stuck in to watch the line for that cashier—

“and mind you, that guy hasn’t been trained to man a register—about how you’re in pain and can’t wait any longer or you might take your business elsewhere.

“All I know is that personally, every time a boomer told me, ‘I spend X amt. every week at your store and you’ve just LOST ME,’ I said: ‘Ok bye.’”

They Greet You By Name

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While some might use a clerk’s name to show respect, it doesn’t always come off that way.

One retail worker says Boomers, “abuse their authority, greeting you by name to let you know that they’re in charge.”

Another commenter agreed, saying, “This is probably the thing customers do that pisses me off the most. I don’t know you,…so keep my name out of your mouth.”

Maybe a good habit to adopt is to just ask for help and remember to say “thanks” when you’re done.

They’re Spoiled

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Funnily enough according to retail workers, the thing that Boomers accuse Millennials of doing, they’re most guilty of themselves.

One commenter says, “Baby boomers, at least in the US, were by and large extremely spoiled.

“They were given so much, both in opportunity and in outright gifts. They then proceeded to mismanage it in the most a** way possible….They’ve got a serious case of cognitive dissonance, and they carry that sense of entitlement with them everywhere they go.”


They Always Want the Senior Discount

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Senior discounts exist to help people who are no longer earning income still get what they need without too much financial pain.

But they can be painful to retail workers when irate shoppers take them for granted.

One worker says, “I had a boomer interaction about two weeks ago I still feel some lingering rage about.

“This hateful, tick like old woman had just thrown a fit to get her way, then wanted to whine to me about how customers like her were my company’s ‘bread and butter.’

“What she didn’t know is that the senior discount she was there to take advantage of means we barely break even on the purchase she was there to make. It only exists to stop the b**ching of ppl just like her.”

They’re Excessively Irritable

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While Boomers aren’t the only customers who can be rude and irritable in stores, they may be the only ones who are doing it because of lead poisoning. That’s the thought of at least one retail worker.

“Something that is important to note for a large part of the baby boomer generation is the absolutely ludicrous exposure to lead poisoning.

“Leaded gasoline…lead paint on toys, cribs, walls, etc. Lead water pipes. It’s a known neurotoxin. It’s been linked to cognitive defects, changes in personality, lower IQ, irritability, and a lack of empathy.

“…now they are impatient, irritable adults with no ability to regulate their anger.”

So, with Boomers, we can say the problem is literally in the water? Or, was in their water growing up.

They Have Unrealistic Expectations

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Some retail workers thing part of what makes Boomers so intolerable is the expectations they were raised with.

“15-year retail vet here. They are the worst,” says one worker. “They were raised under the paradigm that shopping is an experience and the customer is always right (‘in terms of style’ but this part got lost over time).

Maybe we need to drop that mantra.

They’re Argumentative

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One server says the Boomer generation is the worst with losing their temper.

“…boomer generation has temper tantrums in the store, or expect me to risk losing my job or to even do something illegal….boomers want to practically fight.”

They’re Passive Aggressive

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Some workers say Boomers are the worst, always. One says even when they try to do something nice, they treat them passive aggressively.

“…I grabbed a door to hold it open for someone and the woman literally snapped at me for ‘not opening it quickly enough.’”

No matter what age you are, it’s good to remember what you learned in Kindergarten.

When someone does something nice for you, accept it. Don’t treat them like dirt.

They Ruined the Planet

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Last but not least, one worker brought up a complaint about Boomers that has more to do with their treatment of the planet.

“total f***ers. They also basically ruined the entire planet.”

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