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11 Things You May Be Doing That Are Total Red Flags to Others

Red flags could be unhealthy patterns, habits, or behaviors. Some warnings are more challenging to pick up on because they easily slip under the radar. But what if you are a walking red flag without even knowing it? Folks on an online community share things you may do that are red flags to others, and here are 11 we agree with.

1. Crazy Into Horoscopes and Astrology

Woman seeing Horoscopes
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Some people are so into these star signs that they live their whole life following whatever the horoscope says. These people would always blame whatever happens or doesn’t happen on the sun, moon, and stars.

Every decision, mood, likes, and dislikes are based on their zodiac sign and nothing else. Scientific testing points out that no evidence supports horoscopes and astrology, but that won’t stop some people from believing.

2. Being Inconsiderate

Greedy Selfish woman
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Sadly, we encounter selfish and inconsiderate people regularly. People like this tend to drain the spirits of those around them. Imagine being around someone who doesn’t even think about how their actions or words affect you and only cares about themselves.

3. Tardiness

Man running late
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People who can never be trusted to show up for anything on time are a different breed. Nothing is more annoying than when someone is always late for every meeting, event, date, and work.

If you are that friend everyone is always waiting for, you may need to reevaluate yourself before you lose everyone. It is unfair to disrespect people’s time like that.

4. Being “Brutally Honest”

Honest woman
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Some people consistently say rude, inconsiderate, and hurtful things under the guise of “I just say it how it is.” These people believe they are cool and honest for always saying the “truth” that no one else would say.

Someone says, “If you’ve got enough social awareness to know that what you’re saying is rude, you’ve got enough social awareness not to say it.”

5. Always Bragging About Wealth

Woman bragging about wealth
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Most people can’t stand those who always comment on how much money they have in their account or what they can afford. It just makes it sound untrue when they always have to brag about it.

When you finally have as much as you brag about, you barely feel the need to talk about it. Repeatedly listening to someone talk about the same thing is annoying and tasteless.

6. Being a Chronic Complainer

Woman shouting at boy friend
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Some people complain a lot about everything. They focus on the problems, setbacks, and negativity; nothing else matters. People who have a habit of complaining always are blazing hot red flags.

They can dampen the spirits of those around them; they never look for solutions or answers, only complain about the issues, including mundane and unimportant things.

7. Choosing To Hear What You Want

Friend trying to stop and ignore
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You know those people who never listen to what you say or try to understand your point, but they only choose to believe what they think you are saying? They tend to reject and avoid information that doesn’t align with their beliefs and thoughts.

Fun fact, sometimes, people do it unconsciously. Nevertheless, it is unpleasant.

8. Being Unable To Engage in Small Talk

Anxious woman
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I’ve heard people say they can’t engage in small talk with others, and I can’t understand why. They claim they can never sit to talk with people about things that aren’t heavy, formal, or intense.

Folks believe people like these have terrible social skills. If you’re one of those who can’t engage in small talk, it’s high time you stopped boasting about it and started working on it.

9. Being a Massive One-Upper

Sad Woman
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These people think suffering is some contest, and they must win. They seem to get a kick out of having the worst time or making sure that people know that they have it worse than them.

They always have examples, scenarios, or experiences that try to one-up the person speaking. In some situations, these scenarios can be unrelated or insignificant. If this is you, here’s your sign to learn to listen without needing to one-up the other person.

10. Being Overly Judgmental

Woman giving judgemental look
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We all know someone who is judgmental. These people easily pass judgment and make harsh assumptions about people and things they know and don’t know anything about. Sadly, they use none of the time to self-reflect and see their flaws.

It doesn’t help that they have a superiority complex and feel better than everyone. If you share this mentality, know that other people would find you difficult to deal with and would likely be drained by your presence.

11. Being Rude to People

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It’s easy to see someone being rude to a service person and see the rudeness in action. It can go the other way as well. Some people just aren’t pleasant to others.

One commenter agrees, saying ” How they talk about other people when they aren’t around, is probably how they talk about you when you’re not around. Also note how they treat retail and wait staff and how they treat animals.” 

If the person is typically rude to others, this is a warning sign you may not want them as your friend.

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