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11 Best Nonprofit Work From Home Jobs

Have you ever considered working for work at a nonprofit organization? If you’ve written the idea off, this article will show you why it’s worth considering the idea, as well as the best nonprofit work from home jobs to check out. 

Admittedly, working at a nonprofit organization is a totally different experience than working at a company that is for-profit. But that isn’t a bad thing!

In fact, you may find it the ideal working environment, particularly if you want a meaningful work from home job where you make a difference in people’s lives.

You’ll get all the feel-good perks of contributing to the greater good while also enjoying plenty of the same perks a typical corporate employee gets. 

5 Reasons to Work at a Nonprofit Organization

Many people often overlook the possibility of working for a nonprofit because of the long-held belief that these organizations (which are often funded through government, private foundations, or donations from the general public) have a limited budget that they don’t pay very well.  

A good salary is important, but it sometimes takes a backseat to other things when factoring in job satisfaction. If you crave a job where you truly get excited to show up for each day, here are 5 reasons to consider nonprofit work from home job. 

Make a Difference and See the Impact of Your Work Firsthand

Working at a for-profit company often involves focusing on what helps the company first, followed by what helps the client second. At nonprofits, however, the priority is the mission and helping the needs of the people you serve. 

Working for a nonprofit organization is meaningful work and makes a lasting impact. And knowing that you’re making a difference that directly and positively improves people’s lives gives you purpose and motivation to do your best each day. 

Embrace Creativity

For-profit organizations often have fixed roles that can feel limiting as they don’t encourage flexing your creative juices beyond your job title. 

However, nonprofits have teams that are typically less specialized which provide opportunities to get creative, think outside the box, and allow each member to make unique contributions.

Job Variety and Learning New Skills

Since nonprofits have leaner teams, it’s an opportunity to do so much more than the job title you took on, expand your skillset, and grow your knowledge while making a positive impact. 

For example, maybe you are the organization’s bookkeeper who handles the financial books, but you enjoy writing. You could start (or contribute to) a website or blog and spread the word about the good your nonprofit does.

Potentially Better Benefits

Nonprofit organizations are often given a bad reputation for paying far less than their corporate counterparts. And while that may be true, the flip side is that you can also enjoy some awesome perks you won’t get in a corporation. 

While making a living wage is incredibly important, there are other benefits to consider too that a nonprofit may be able to offer you.

Granted, the benefits you will get range widely from company to company (for both nonprofit and for-profit jobs!), but this will give you a good list of non-monetary perks to consider:

  • Ability to work remotely
  • Robust health care plans
  • Childcare credits
  • Extra vacation days
  • Training and career advancement opportunities
  • And more!

Work with Like-Minded People and Build Relationships

One of the most enticing aspects of working at a nonprofit organization is that you’ll have the opportunity to work in tandem with others toward the same big-picture goal of supporting the nonprofit. 

This leads to some fun and unique opportunities for collaboration. You may find yourself working with everyone from the CEO of the company to volunteers. With this comes a fantastic opportunity to expand your professional network, which is invaluable!

Best Nonprofit Work From Home Jobs

If all those reasons to work in the nonprofit sector get your blood pumping with excitement, then you’ll be glad to know there are lots of great virtual work opportunities at nonprofits! 

Where do you find job listings? Start with the curated list below!

If you still need more options, potential nonprofit professionals can check out job posting sites such as Glassdoor and Linkedin. Just click on the links provided for each organization if you find a strong match.

Here are 11 of the best nonprofit work from home jobs: 


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