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10 Best Video Streaming Services You Can Watch for Free Today

Streaming services have grown in number, offering a wide range of movies, TV shows, soap operas, and documentaries for our amusement. While some streaming apps cost money to use, many others are free. Here are 10 of the best free streaming services to try.

1. YouTube

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The largest sharing platform in the world, YouTube offers a near-endless collection of user-generated video content capable of meeting your streaming needs at no cost.

From music videos to movie trailers, sports shows, and a live stream from planet Mars, YouTube has got it all for free.

2. Tubi

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Like YouTube, Tubi is another free, ad-supported streaming service with tons of video content you cannot exhaust.

Dubbed the “free Netflix,” Tubi is home to classic films, action-packed blockbusters, and popular TV series that are entirely free to watch.

3. Pluto TV

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Do you miss the experience of watching traditional channels? Pluto brings your nostalgic moments into a modern streaming option that broadcasts amazing videos through 250+ live channels.

You can switch between sports, news, music, and other entertainment channels without paying a cent. Pluto TV also allows you to tune in to your favorite shows, all for free.

4. Freevee

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Freevee offers free entertainment for noncommercial use. It is a rich storehouse of movie collections, including some of the most popular films. Freevee is ad-supported, so you may experience occasional commercials when streaming.

5. Peacock

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Peacock Free is the first tier of a three-tier service plan offered by Peacock TV. The free deck, although limited, provides an impressive selection of movies and TV shows.

Peacock Free also features some news and live sports contents that promise to keep you glued to your screen.

6. Vudu Movies on Us

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Vudu streams a section of its services for free in exchange for a few seconds of ads you can skip. If you seek a streaming platform where classic shows merge seamlessly with new releases, Vudu is the place.

7. Kanopy

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Kanopy partners with public libraries and universities to offer free access to movies and documentaries by swiping your library card.

There’s an avalanche and a diverse collection of high-quality films and educational content you can stream at no cost.

8. Roku

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You can download the Roku TV app on any device and stream top-notch content for free. The Roku service is also available on the web, and the platform does not mandate you to register before granting you access to its plethora of entertaining videos, including all the originals from the now-defunct Quibi.

Are you a fan of original movies like Free Rayshawn and Reno 911? Consider hopping on the Roku platform to enjoy these streaming freebies right away.

9. Sling Freestream

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Sling Freestream fields hundreds of streaming channels with over 40,000 on-demand titles. You can watch your favorite crime dramas, game shows, sports, and news. Some free channels on Freestream include ABC News Live, Family Feud, Hell’s Kitchen, and The Walking Dead Universe, all without having to swipe a card.

If you’re a Sling TV subscriber, the free service is added on to your paid plan.

10. Crackle

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Crackle partners with major studios and media partners like Apple so that they can bring you fresh video entertainment at no cost. You can savor Crackle’s library of free-uncut and unedited Hollywood movies across your choice genres like action, horror, and even comedy.

The platform also offers Crackle-exclusive programs, including original series like Natch, Supermansion, and Chosen.

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